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Ankit Baphna 2 years ago • updated by neilm1963 6 months ago 13

Why it does not support NASDAQ and NYSE..I searched for AAPL and nothing came up.

Perry Stephenson 2 years ago • updated by Michael Mroz 2 years ago 1
I signed up on iPhone, and the intro didn't work too well, so I just tapped through it. Now I want to do it again to see what I missed, but I can't find a "do intro again" button anywhere.
David More 2 years ago • updated by The Guru 1 year ago 3

Just how to do all the common tasks

The Guru 1 year ago

We've added a way to replay the onboarding tutorial, and we have an interactive how-to manual in the works. We'll let you know the second the manual goes live.

Salman 12 months ago • updated by Kevin Art 6 months ago 1

Your feedback section is located at bottom-left, while this is one of the least approached sections of the screen. Move it to bottom-right corner and you'll get a lot more feedbacks.

Under review
Arijit De 4 months ago • updated by The Guru 4 months ago 1

When a company stock is opened from My Lists page, there is no way to go back. I have to click Home and then again go to My Lists page.

Scott G. 8 months ago 0

Read an article by and INDX writer/blogger when I searched for financial/investment app reviews so I decided to check INDX out. Looks pretty nifty, but I'm much more interested in a mobile app.


Scott G.

saundemark 1 year ago • updated by The Guru 1 year ago 1

How do I delete my account?

Peter Nguyen-Brown 2 years ago 0

People care most about stock price, needs to be on home page terminal

Perry Stephenson 2 years ago 0
Exchange Traded Funds with 4 character symbols are not available (e.g. HVST, GEAR, BBUS, etc)
The ETFs with 3 character symbols are working fine.
tpharris15 2 months ago 0

Being able to merge our INDX.GURU watchlist with other platforms like yahoo finance would be an awesome feature to add to this page in order to make it easier to import or export stock lists