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Hey Arijit! Having a chat with the dev team about this today :) Thanks for your feedback

Hi Neilm,

I believe you where signed up for the Australian site.

We now have a US site live, that has the companies mentioned.



Hi Rob,

We love all feedback here.

What is it exactly, you are trying to do?

If there is anything we can do to better, to describe how to use of the product, please let us know.

Here to help.



Hi there,

You are probably on our Australian site, we have also setup a separate website for the NASDAQ and NYSE exchanges at We are currently looking at providing an easier way to switch between the two as well as a central user management system to eliminate the need for separate registration and login.

Kind Regards,

The Guru.


Thank you for your positive feedback on Indx Guru. We understand that the site can be a bit colourful for some people and we currently have a feature in the pipeline to add a user setting to tone down the amount of colour displayed. Also, the colours we use help tie together different aspects of the data: we a standard different colour for each of our primary metrics movement, media heat, social heat and sentiment; and we also categorise companies by industry with a different colour for each industry to tie them together: light green for software, light blue for medical, orange for mining & materials etc.

We have setup a separate site for the NASDAQ and NYSE exchanges at We will shortly have a clearer way to transition between the two and are looking at building a centralised user management system to avoid the need for separate user accounts, but for the moment you will need to register as a new user.

Please let us know if you have any issues or more great feedback for the site.

Kind Regards,

The Guru.

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for the interest in Indx Guru!

We currently do not have a public API but it is on our backlog and something we will want to make available to our users once we are out of the current beta phase.

We are also always open to any suggestions on what other graphics or data would be useful or interesting to see on our site!

Kind Regards,

The Guru.

Hi Johnny,

We will notify our existing users (who have not unsubscribed from emails) when we are looking for alpha testers. This will be a small number-restricted group that we will test the US markets with prior to an open beta.

For anyone who does not want to register for the current Australian offering, there is also a signup on the bottom our landing page at

Hi Casey & ATL,

We are working on it now and currently doing some testing on the process internally.

Will be live very soon :)

You will be the first to know.



Hi All,

Not sure if anyone seen the email we sent out last week? but, are now working on the U.S version and hopefully have INDX.GURU working with American companies.

Thank you all for your support. Will have more updates coming coon.



Hi Japhy,

Clint here, I'm the product manager at

Thanks for your feedback, I like hearing the critical feedback, as we are always trying to improve the site.

First off, If you're looking for American stocks? We currently do not have america data. This might be why you are having problems. We are currently only listing stocks from the ASX, but we do plan to list American stocks soon.

Can I ask what information you are looking for when you say little info? Please tell me what exactly you are looking for and I will either build it in, or point you in the right direction for where it is.

Thanks for the feedback,