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Is there an API we can use to pull the data into a customized dashboard?

Johnny Johnson 1 year ago • updated by The Guru 1 year ago 1

I have a customized dashboard that I use to review stocks. Is there an available API to retrieve data with?

The Guru 1 year ago

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for the interest in Indx Guru!

We currently do not have a public API but it is on our backlog and something we will want to make available to our users once we are out of the current beta phase.

We are also always open to any suggestions on what other graphics or data would be useful or interesting to see on our site!

Kind Regards,

The Guru.

Under review

Advanced Search list for Companies based on selected criteria

BobtheInvestor 2 years ago • updated by The Guru 2 years ago 1

First of all well done for your project. It looks very promising. (When do you guys list on the ASX? :D ). Anyhow I was wondering is if this is too much of a big ask, to have a searching engine to list stock based on very specific criteria, Market Cap, ROE, Debt Ratio, Beta, Net income, CAPEX, EBTDIA, DPS, EPS, etc etc etc you get my meaning, and have a list of stock displayed out that you can further refine/research.



ok whats the deal??? no american companies am I correct???

FoxySix 2 years ago • updated by The Guru 2 years ago 1

TICKERS AWK,SLV, in fact no american exchange traded companies pull up. is that correct or am I missing how to pull up those companies aligned with American exchanges

Will be answered


Chad 2 years ago • updated by The Guru 2 years ago 1

Any luck adding the NYSE and NASDAQ yet


Overview - Chart Period

Robin Parkinson-Bates 2 years ago • updated by The Guru 2 years ago 2

Dear Guru,

Still loving the site and getting a lot of use from it.

At present, on the overview page, the standard chart setting is for a three month period.

I appreciate that this can be changed to whatever period I like.

However each user may have a preference for a particular period (one month/one year etc!). Would it be possible, at a later date, for each user to be able to enter their individual preference for their own chart setting period?

Keep up the good work and again many thanks for letting us use it.




I can't figure out how to enter company names

A Cohen 3 years ago • updated by The Guru 3 years ago 1

I don't have access to all publicly traded companies

Kenneth Taylor 3 years ago • updated by The Guru 3 years ago 4
- is that by design?
Under review

My email address wasn't whitelisted as the email said.

Nik Mische 3 years ago • updated by The Guru 3 years ago 1
My Email and account are acting very strange. Sometimes it allows me to sign in other time it doesn't. Also i'm not seeing companies like Tesla and such on this?

invalid email token

Mike Prepelica 3 years ago • updated by Shea McMillan 6 months ago 2

I registered and I received the email to confirm email. I receive an invalid email token when I try to confirm my registration. I have tried to reregister, but it claims my email address is associated with a profile which it should be. Now I am stuck and cannot move forward.

Email address in question is